Certified 501(c)3 • 100% Volunteer Run • No Kill



How You Can Help

Maryland Horse Rescue is a certified 501(c)3 is 100% volunteer run and operates solely on donations. Please consider a tax deductible donation today.

We care for about 50 horses in need of food, care, shelter, and love – could you help us help them?

The costs to operate a farm, feed the horses, provide them veterinary care, provide them safe shelters, and to keep our non-profit rescue going adds up.

Why donate to Maryland Horse Rescue? You have other rescues and causes you can donate to. We are unique for these reasons:

  • We accept horses in any condition
  • We are a no-kill shelter
  • We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities

Most rescues are selective in the horses they’ll accept. We are not. We take in horses knowing very well that they may be forever residents.

Many rescues euthanize horses to make room for younger, more adoptable horses. We do not euthanize our horses unless it is in their best interest – if they have a condition in which they are suffering and have no hope of recovering. A veterinarian always evaluates a horse and confirms when euthanization is best.

We have volunteers ranging from age 5 to 75. We have hearing and deaf volunteers. Your age and ability don’t prevent you from helping the horses at Maryland Horse Rescue!

Please donate today! To do so, click one the donate button at the top, complete our Donations form and mail in your generous gift, or order from our Amazon.com Wish List here.


Donate by Mail

Monetary Donations can be made by filling out our donation form and mailing it in.


Our heart felt thanks goes out to everyone who has made a donation to Maryland Horse Rescue, you make the difference in our effort to rescue horses in need.

Veterinary Care

Myles Hopton and Ashley Dillow, Graeme Martin and Aaron DeHaven

Dearson Equine

Horse Care & Supplies

All of our volunteers and many farm visitors

Farm Supplies

Wolff Tree and Landscape

Von Pearl Services

The Biemiller Family

We also receive cash donations from generous individuals which helps pay for various supplies needed to keep the farm going and to feed our horses.

THANK YOU to all of our donors! We wouldn’t be here and saving horses without them.